“As the saying goes:” The administration is not late, the authorities delayed. ” And, as a rule, come to the interview on time executives. However, the situation may be different. What can we do to the applicant, if the employer is late for a job interview? You might just check.

One of the formats of stress interview to verify how the applicant patient, and how much is willing to wait. And how it will behave in such a situation is not usual.

“The test is waiting for” are held with candidates competing for the nervous and hectic work. So checked emotional reactions. Will the candidate dutifully wait, whether the initiative will show, or go away, a scandal. In any case, the candidate must be prepared. As a rule, do not report on the interview in advance of such formats.

Of course, the pattern of behavior you choose for yourself. However, we do not encourage you to be in conflict with a potential employer. Even if the head is delayed without warning or behaved unprofessionally, do not lose face.

Use time to your advantage if the employer is late for an interview. Freshen up in company information memory for job. Drink coffee, relax, tune in to the interview.

If the head is delayed more than 30 minutes. Tactfully ask your secretary, if they have not forgotten about you, why the meeting was not held at the appointed time, and how much do you expect the recruiter.

How long does it expect the recruiter depends, of course, up to you and the degree of desire to work in this company.

Tip: Before the meeting, or in a waiting period, read reviews about the company. Perhaps someone from the other applicants have already faced a similar problem. If you find a large number of negative reviews, it’s worth considering whether you want to work in a place like this. You can easily get up and leave.

Unscrupulous employers will meet on the way each applicant. It is important to maintain composure in any situation.

“Tests expectation” often end only when the applicant makes a decision to get up and leave. Literally at the door of his catches employer and offers to pass an interview or to reschedule for another day. So check the nervous force, and the applicant is important to be prepared. But after passing all the tests, he just get a decent place.