To answer the question – how to write a resume, how to write a good resume, how to write a resume that will give you an advantage when ustroyste to work, you first need a good understanding of what the job, and of course – at least once to look at the sample resume. But after learning the secret of the resume and skillfully applying the rules of resume writing – you will get more chances to get a desired job.

So – what is the resume.

Resume – this is the first thing you must have in finding a job.

We can say that when applying for a job, mandatory provision of resume – is one of the elements of the modern rules of business etiquette, but at the same time it is one of the most effective means of advertising in the labor market.

Resume – a brief derivation of words spoken or written, or read, briefly outlining the main points (Dictionary DN Ushakov).

With regard to the job search, resume – a description of human capabilities, which make it competitive in the labor market. It should display the three basic qualities required of the employee: education, productivity and unlimited capacity. In some cases, you can find the abbreviation CV (Latin – Curriculum Vitae.), Literally means “life” or “life course” and is a resume of the creative professions; It presents the results of work, while the work place are not specified. Style resume often directed to the production of a particular place of work, while the CV contains more detailed and structured information about the career path of man. In the context of our time document designated CV or “resume” (fr. resume – a resume of the main content), not only describes the professional life of the applicant, as the basis for the invitation for an interview. Resume carries a lot of positive, both for job seekers and for employers. For Jobseekers – “is the perfect way to present themselves in the most favorable light, and for the employer – a kind of unqualified candidates dropout method”.

The purpose of resume – draw attention to himself at first, how to plant, part-time acquaintance, make a good impression and entice the employer to invite you for a personal meeting.

It follows the main principle of writing a resume – emphasize the positive aspects and make inconspicuous as possible, what your forte is not.

You need to write a resume:

  • to a potential employer perceived that such a resume is the source of your curriculum vitae and your professional experience;
  • what would it provided additional information that will interest the employer and will prepare to conduct a full interview with you;
  • What would such a resume to answer the question, if you meet the requirements set by the employer for the job.

Resume with which the employer is familiar to the interview, you can quickly learn about the main candidate, formulate additional questions and record the necessary data about the candidate, which reduces the time and increases the efficiency of the interview. Most often staffing issues oversee HR managers, secretaries, office managers, heads of departments of sales, and even the chief accountant. recruitment specialists use the subjective method of selection CV as well as the method of selection for a number of formal characteristics (experience and job skills, professional skills, education, gender, age, etc.). In the first case is of great importance the subjective perception of the manager, in the second – a professionally written resume that emphasizes the dignity and skillfully leveling applicant disadvantages. Based on the resume of forming the first and pretty strong opinion about a person, which, however, is subjective and depends on the people’s perception of stereotypes. If the invitation to the interview could not be obtained, then resume for some reason did not attract the attention of the employer. The only chance to succeed with the help of resume – when it is read for the first time. As a rule, on the resume view is spent not more than 2-3 minutes. That is why the standard form used in its drafting. According to most employers, it is important that the information in the resume was the most complete and concise at the same time, and most importantly, to the applicant during the interview could confirm all the details. resume for some reason did not attract the attention of the employer. The only chance to succeed with the help of resume – when it is read for the first time. As a rule, on the resume view is spent not more than 2-3 minutes. That is why the standard form used in its drafting. According to most employers, it is important that the information in the resume was the most complete and concise at the same time, and most importantly, to the applicant during the interview could confirm all the details. resume for some reason did not attract the attention of the employer. The only chance to succeed with the help of resume – when it is read for the first time. As a rule, on the resume view is spent not more than 2-3 minutes. That is why the standard form used in its drafting. According to most employers, it is important that the information in the resume was the most complete and concise at the same time, and most importantly, to the applicant during the interview could confirm all the details.

To write a good CV, You must follow the principle of selectivity. Information for resume should be selected on the basis of its purpose, that is to say in the abstract should include a description of precisely those aspects of your experience that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Resume form are divided into professional (universal), chronological, functional, chronological, functional, and academic targets.

  • Most often used by professional (or universal) resume, in which all information is presented in blocks. According to experts, this form is preferable to use those with a track record that’s all right.
  • If the experience is not enough, or have breaks in employment history information is better placed in a functional resume. A functional resume is used when describing specific work experience and range of activities, when there is no need to be placed in chronological order, the process of accumulation of experience. It focuses on education and specialized knowledge and skills. Also, this form of resume is acceptable in cases where there was a big break at work or want to change their profession.
  • If the main advantage – experience, resume should be written in chronological order, listing all the jobs and business names. Or chronological retrospective resume of the most suitable professionals for many years worked in the same area and want it to continue its activities.
  • Chronologically-functional resume most commonly used for lighting any special achievements, it at the same time preserved the chronological sequence of presentation of work experience and education.
  • targeted resume filled when the focus is on obtaining a certain position and the request shall be supported by the knowledge and abilities.
  • academic CVused to search for faculty posts. Independent part of the resume is a list of scientific papers and publications, academic achievements, awards and titles.

The biggest secret of the resume: you need to write a resume is not under the applicant’s candidature, and the requirements of a particular employer, taking into account the peculiarities of the company’s business.

And so one of the main rules resume: at each new interview should come with the new resume – never without it.

So, properly written resume – your assistant in search of decent work, it is recommended to constantly develop their own ability to make a resume.

How to write a resume

Resume- an official document which regulates the rules of writing guidance on records management.

The scope and requirements for the design resume

You need to consider several options resume – for sending the mail (or personal delivery), by fax, electronically via E-mail. However, the text must be identical. Can vary design – well-chosen picture will adorn job, but think about how it will look, received by fax.

  1. The first firm rule – an executive resume can not exceed a maximum of two A4 pages, and it is desirable that the key information can be found on the first page. If the volume does not allow it, then think about what information you can donate. However, if a person has a lot of experience, this creates certain difficulties and limitations, but when recruiting resume on the computer, it is possible to circumvent this rule: change the font size, though it is not desirable – the resume should be read easily.
  2. If the resume spans more than one page at the end of the page indicates that the extension is on the next page. On all pages except the first printed sheet number and surname.
  3. If the volume has turned out to resume a partial page, the information should be placed so that the page has been fully occupied by the text.
  4. To write a “proper” job, you must use the same font, preferably Times New Roman or Arial same. Variety of fonts of different sizes unreadable! Strict style of – an indispensable condition. Nor should demonstrate Adobe Photoshop filters possible: summary – a document.
  5. As for the font size, the standard font is considered to resume 12-gauge. It is essential that all of the content was the same size.
  6. Each section of the resume should be separated from the previous one.
  7. Headings better allocate bold and / or underlined.
  8. Be sure to check the spelling (F7 a button in Word). We resume with errors have no chance.
  9. The resume should be written in simple language.
  10. For documents of this type is recommended next markup page. Top field – 2 cm, right – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, 2.5 cm left allowed restriction field per centimeter, and instead of the standard 12-th font sizes use 10th. At the same time, the option to decrease the font is acceptable only if the summary is sent to the employer E-mail-in or delivered in person. In the case of sending your resume by fax, font size smaller than 12 should not use, otherwise it will be impossible to read the resume.
  11. To resume using white paper, good quality.

nonstandard resume

If you decide to write a non-standard job, keep in mind – this strategy is not good in all cases. As a guide to action, it can be accepted by the representatives of creative professions, which “allowed” to move away from the standard. As for the other professionals (not artistic) professions – engineers, drivers, accountants, etc. – there is preferred applicants to remain within the approved standards. This is due primarily to the fact that from the experts this profile required accuracy, thoroughness and mandatory compliance with job descriptions.

It should be borne in mind that recruitment agencies are generally used to send them a resume as a source of relevant information about the applicants, so it is in the “dry” form is distilled into a standard resume form, in which the “creative liberties” are canceled. If you send a non-standard resume directly to the employer, then there is a chance that your creativity will be appreciated by those to whom it actually meant.

creative possibilities

There are a few standard lines, following which it is possible to transform the resume into something creative outside the box.

  • The photo. By classical canons office, picture must be approximately the same as in the passport. But even here there are no rules without exceptions. One literary editor came up with a very interesting move – instead of a photo on a resume he placed a portrait of the silhouette, of those that are cut with scissors.
  • Design. You can write a resume of the key points of a non-standard font.
  • Epigraph. This tool should be used with caution. It is as effective as it was unpredictable consequences. Some employers do not like excessive “attempt to be clever.” But suppose if the applicant has in place a hiring manager in the personal qualities of the column write the motto: “Putting on top of people, you will never make a mistake, even in the matter of getting the money (Michael Marks)” – suffer from it his resume will not .

risk zone

Ratio “non-standard” is approximately 0.5% of the total number separately. In addition, not all of them are really creative. Using a non-standard approach to resume writing, you have to be prepared for the fact that HR managers can interpret it in the sense that the candidate is too extravagant and will be difficult to cope with it.

The photo

The photograph should not exceed passport size (3.5 to 4 cm). Naturally, beach photos, and especially family, imprinted in the resume it is not necessary – that you only express disrespect to the employer.

Three reasons can be identified, which should load your photo:

  1. Resume including a photo of the author more productive and interesting employer.
  2. Photos contributes to more accurate identification of your personality.
  3. Most employers make their opinion offer job applicant within the first 3 minutes after they met. Not the least role in the first impression plays appearance. That’s why it makes sense to introduce a potential employer with his picture – or it is advantageous to allocate you among the other contenders, then a chance of getting a job increase, or you just will not approach on various parameters and thus save yourself half a day, which would you have spent on holding a blank for your interview.

Style of writing resumemust meet the following requirements:

  • short – the lack of another word, incomprehensible acronyms and terms;
  • concreteness – the lack of information that has no direct relationship to the job;
  • purposefulness – presentation of the main data confirming the right to apply for the position;
  • activity– the need to use active verbs showing activity. For example, if you have only a basic knowledge of accounting, and they are essential for this position, you need to write “know the basics of accounting and auditing.” You should never write “was”, “assisted”, that it allows to think that you were standing on the sidelines and occasionally provided various services..;
  • accuracy and clarity of thought;
  • selectivity – involves careful selection of information (do not try to fit all in one resume Remember, a resume should fully correspond to the position for which you are applying.!);
  • honesty (No false information);
  • literacy.

Resume sample

Undoubtedly, it is desirable to have before my eyes at least approximate sample resume, even if you do not just filled. All the same, something can be forgotten or missed. What is the sample?

Orthographic meaning of the word “sample”:

  • Sample – Demonstration or trial product; try.
  • Sample – A process device, the type, shape
  • Sample – That (that) what (whom) you need to follow, imitate

By itself, the sample resume, even the best sample of the work does not give anyone. But it gives you an idea of ​​how to write a resume. Therefore, by looking at a sample of a good job, you can immediately get an overview of how to write a better resume.

Sample CV young specialist (variant 1)

Sample CV young specialist (option 2)

Sample CV young specialist (option 3)

Sample CV young specialist (version 4)

The structure of the resume

Document’s name

Actually it’s just the word “resume”. In recent years, this document is sometimes called the Curriculum Vitae (CV, in Latin “life”) as is the practice at writing a resume in other languages. This option is more beautiful and more precise in meaning, but we have quite rare.


A brief description of the position to which you are applying. It is recommended to list all the jobs that you want to borrow. The existing scheme of operations of HR departments and recruitment agencies often highly inflexible. your completed application form, is placed in a folder (directory are entered), in accordance with your instructions “specialization”. Once, for example, “sales managers”, you often have no chance to get on the consideration as “product manager”. Therefore, you must specify all the jobs that interest you. (But do not stretch this paragraph by more than two or three lines).

Your name, address, telephone number (including area code), e-mail (if any).


Education in the resume of the young specialist, with the lack of practical experience or a minimum (not including practice), occupies a leading position. Education indicated dates, in reverse order:

  1. basic – high school (and the name of the faculty) in 19__ – __ years .;
  2. additional (parallel) – second degree (if you have) in 19__ – __ years .;
  3. it is important to report the completion of the course and pass the certification in the specialty. If you have expensive end of the course in accordance with the interests (for example, macramé), plug it into the last part – a hobby, but never in the “education” section;
  4. indicate the high school is only required if a language or other special school, or if you graduated from high school with honors (the presence of a gold / silver medal);
  5. it is important to specify the technical school;
  6. Note also cum laude, additional specialty;
  7. if the institute (university) Jobseekers specialization in contact, at least partially, with the interests of his office, you can specify the name of the issuing department;
  8. If experience is insufficient or non-existent, as is often the case with young specialist recommended that you study the subject (especially those in which the greatest progress has been achieved), good and excellent marks, awards in contests and competitions, etc .;
  9. you must also specify the availability of publications, especially in specialized publications, invention or their own development;
  10. it is also important not to forget about the attractiveness of the word “State” – public courses, state awards, etc.

Work experience (practice) in reverse chronological order

Graduates who studied diligently, attended additional courses and tried to break through an internship, rarely have the experience of a permanent long-term work. If experience is available, describing it made in reverse chronological order, and on the other hand the time and place of work indicate their position and function, with an emphasis on professional achievements. Internship and practice counted on a par with experience and good training is worth more time podrabotok.

Work (practice) is also indicated in the reverse order: first, present or last job, then early, etc.

You must specify:

  1. start and end dates of the work (practice)
  2. name (no need to specify in the resume of the detailed address of enterprises in which you worked, will be sufficient to indicate their name and the city where they are located)
  3. job title (there may be several, if your career has developed successfully)
  4. position and list the duties – for full option because that is what often becomes decisive.

If a person with a great work biography is recommended to specify only the last 3-5 jobs and a period not exceeding 10 years, for young professionals it is important to specify as much as possible (full) employment (practical) experience.

In resume, the graduate is important to include information about the intercepted special courses and passed the trainings.

It is also important (mandatory) indicate production achievements at each position, if they were. In describing the achievements need to use action verbs like developed, saved, increased or reduced. Desirable very specific language.

Additional skills

This section identifies what characterizes you as an employee, but not directly related to a specific job function – for example:

  • driving license,
  • experience with PC (reporting level of computer skills, you must specify the operating systems and programs do you work / worked)
  • Membership in professional organizations, etc.

Here it can be mentioned the knowledge of a foreign language if you are not completely confident in their proficiency. If you are sure – in a separate section, and it is desirable to specify a language course, if you have them finished.

The “skills” provides ample opportunity to the applicant to show that is called showmanship. It is important to specify the maximum all that is relevant to the desired job, and the rest – in the event that it will improve your performance. But better still, do not get carried away – if your merit too much potential employer may be frightened that he did not have enough money for such a valuable employee. You should not praise himself – just the facts. The employer himself must draw conclusions.

Additional Information

Or “hobby” (or “awards and social activities”).

In the West, this item is included necessarily because the person is often best recommended by social position: clubs, societies, awards, etc. Since such a system in our society there is, it is desirable to note that is at least indirectly related to the specialty.

It does not specify whether or not you are a member of any political parties, religious communities.

Indication of the possibility of recommendations

Recommenders themselves not worth mentioning, but it is necessary to prepare a list of them – it may come in handy during the interview.

Date of preparation of resume

In conclusion it is necessary to put the date of the resume and signature.

Dating resume increases the reliability of the interest in this work, the old data may indicate that the candidate has long and unsuccessfully looking for work.

Resume in other languages

The main language of your resume should be English.

Resume in Spain (or any language) is made only in that case, if you are applying for a position in a foreign company. The American firm or recruitment agency should send your CV in English. The exception may be a resume of experts, for which knowledge of the language is one of the selection criteria. But in this case it is better to duplicate a resume and provide a copy in English.

The best option – to create a resume in two languages.

To resume in a foreign language the same requirements with respect to registration, literacy and stylistic unity, as to resume in English.

Practical advice on resume writing

To properly write a resume, it is important to be very specific in the choice of language:

  • should not write:
    • provided training
    • helping to get rid of bugs
    • to quickly assimilate new knowledge
  • should be written:
    • trained two new employees
    • reduced errors by 5%, saving the company 40,000 rubles.
    • mastered the new procedures in record time – two weeks

Do not be verbose and avoid passive forms:

  • should not write:
    • responsible for the implementation of
    • found application
    • He was responsible for:
  • should be written:
    • complied
    • effectively used
    • responsible for:

Prefer positive information:

  • should not write:
    • assorted complaints:
    • prevented decrease in the proportion of sales
    • He moved from the post:
  • should be written:
    • helping customers to:
    • increased the potential of the product on the market
    • He promoted to the post of

Focus on your achievements:

  • should not write:
    • I worked there for three years
    • I am doing extra work
  • should be written:
    • received promotions
    • always meet deadlines

Characteristics of professional level:

Introduces, in charge, examined, control, coordinate, provide, founded, organized, planned, proposed, developed, reorganized, decided to lead, create, enhance, eliminated, participated, taught, and others.

Characteristics of personal qualities:

Neat, attentive, disciplined, reliable, sincere, persistent, objective, optimistic, logical, practical, adventurous, thinking, purposeful, discreet, honest, economical, energetic and others.

In conclusion, it is important to pay attention to the following details:

  • Ask someone who is fluent in the language in which it is written resume, check it out.
  • In the present work use verbs in the present tense, for example, work, designs; respectively, in the description of the previous places of work use verbs in the past tense.
  • Be consistent: if you once used the reduction, use it throughout the resume (but better to give all names in full).
  • Avoid long sentences and abstruse words.
  • Clearly highlight the required headers.
  • Make sure that your resume has been decorated in the same style.
  • Choose a style that is easy to read (big field, not the fine print, sufficient space between lines, etc.).
  • Use white paper of good quality.
  • It is important to fit your resume to one, maximum two pages.
  • Be sure that you will be able to confirm all the information you have included in the resume.

Basic mistakes when writing a resume

Currently, some of the Internet recruitment sites may be found ready-made templates resume, which just need to fill. However, experienced cadres are able to distinguish self-written resume, on which the author bother pondering and otshlifovyvaya every word, and a resume, drawn up under the dictation.

In addition, it is important to avoid the following errors in the resume:

  • mismatch employment history, education and experience of the applicant to the objective requirements of the post or exposed to the employer;
  • too short resume – it is unclear whether the author has nothing to say about himself, whether he – “gray mouse”;
  • demonstration of the frequent change of jobs with no explanation of objective reasons;
  • lack of guidance on professional development;
  • an indication of a number of different training courses and seminars;
  • too detailed CV, including a plurality of unnecessary information and lyrical digressions or display inappropriate humor.

So, properly written resume – your assistant in search of decent work, it is recommended to constantly develop their own skills and know how to create a resume. However resume – this is just a document, it will not replace the richness of your personality, and therefore, need to learn effective self-presentation during the interview and the interview.