This issue is of concern to many experts, but not all are able to correctly resolve the situation. Veronica Nogovitsina, Director of the Department of Kontakt InterSearch Russia, tells how to properly substantiate its rise to the head, to get a raise or a higher office.

And the first key: arguments to ask for a raise is necessary and important. It is curious that in all my years of work 9 out of 10 candidates for interview admit they are not ready to talk with the leader on the subject and going to get away from its current location to a higher salary, do not try to discuss the opportunity for career advancement within the current company.

“If the manager does not understand that I deserved an increase of wages and / or position, then I go back to where I appreciate the above” – ​​it usually says most employees.

Head also thinks quite differently: “If my employee was unhappy with the conditions for a long time came up to me and asked relevant questions. But once he is silent, so he likes everything. “

In this case, the head of which is rarely initiates a conversation and openly ask about whether all the slave arrange. Most often, he does not really want to deal with this issue, as the increase will have to argue in front of their superiors and get not the most pleasant conversation with the personnel department, who will talk about staffing and lack of budget for the next year.

salary negotiations

And well, if the company has a centralized regular process of discussing career plans and salary growth. However, if such a procedure is not present, it is necessary on a regular basis, once or twice a year to raise a conversation with the head of your career desires, indicators and projects needed to improve.

Otherwise, we have a situation: the slave, who is waiting for his thoughts read the boss and the head, rest assured that its employees thrive. And so as a matter of your career primarily concerned about you, and they will have to deal with you.

Step one. We collect information

If you decide to have a frank conversation with the head, it is necessary to prepare. You have to convince the boss of the need to improve with the help of facts. First determine how many are in the same position your colleagues in other companies. There are several ways to find out how your current salary “in the market.”

  • First, you can search for similar positions in the public domain, including HeadHunter – many vacancies in the publication indicates the approximate salary “fork”.
  • Secondly, I recommend to friends with headhunters – to know two or three recruiters who are in the position of your fields, so that if necessary you could ask him the question directly. And if you receive an incoming call with a request to provide guidance on the positions similar to yours, contact us immediately, at what salary guided a prospective employer.

It is important to note that the higher the position, the more varied the size of the sum and, doing very similar work in companies of different size, turnover and scope, candidates can get at times other than salary.

Another very important point – the total income, that is, the presence of the warranty and bonuses, social package and its components, the presence of the car. For example, in many companies, insurance, car, pay parking and a guaranteed bonus – completely missed concepts and salary as compensation for their absence may be substantially higher.

Or on the contrary, there are a number of very large corporations, including state-owned, which make up a huge component of salary annual bonuses, to compare here the fixed salary will be incorrect.

The same applies to the question about the functionality: it is possible, in their current position for a long time you perform a number of tasks that are inherent in a higher position in another company.

Step Two. We rehearse a conversation

Once you get a cut on the market, prepare the arguments associated with your personal achievements and salary policy of the company.

  • Remember, when you happened the previous salary increase.
  • Lock how to change your objectives from the moment whether you began to take on more responsibility, whether the number of projects increased under your leadership.
  • After that, write out key achievements that have helped business again Speak your personal role in the results obtained.
  • Think about how to emphasize their competitiveness in the market: the number of times in the last six months you call headhunters, at any position in any company name?

Step Three. We are holding talks

Often 50% success rate – is the head of the right mood. Choose the most comfortable for the chief of the time and day of the week, try not to start a conversation, if you see that your boss is not in the spirit, and this may affect the result of the conversation. For a day or two, ask for a meeting.

Start a conversation with better questions. Ask your boss how he appreciates your work as a whole, how can characterize your contribution, that is, make sure that the head confirmed that appreciates you as an employee.

What steps do I need to take to get a pay raise?

After that, take the floor and tell us what you are happy and why you generally like to work in the company, and particularly with your boss – let them know that you would like to be part of the team in the future.

Then proceed to the point of his question. Ozvuchte all the arguments, which were collected and recalled specifically for the meeting. Tell us about your demand in the market – appeals recruiters and competitors. Explain that conducted a study of salaries of the market and found that getting less.

Recalled its key achievements, its contribution to the business, as well as on how to change your functional during that time. Emphasize what you can do for the company is much more important things, if you get a lot of responsibility. At the end ask the question: “What steps do I need to do to get a raise (salary)?”. Once you get an answer, ask about the timing.

Step Four. neutralize manipulation

A leader who does not want to lose an employee, but can not give him a raise, often resorting to manipulation. His interests as long as you can pull the waiting time. He will try to avoid specifics, giving vague and vague hints of the best in some distant future increase.

In this case, immediately solicit numbers: what KPI and by when you need to do to get the desired position or salary.

After you have discussed this point verbally, write a letter, which specify all the data again. Make sure that the letter came and read by the recipient. This date you will be able to return to the subject of discussion with the evidence at hand.

We neutralize manipulations

Another common technique boss – the pressure on the emotions. Again, nothing promising or giving a ghostly hints, your manager may try to remind you how much you have lived through, what you have a great team, he appreciates you as a trusted and constantly set an example to others that are now difficult period and he asks you enter into his position.

Sometimes it resembles the head of all the good that he once made to a subordinate, for example, “knocked out” the prize or leave the team due to some strong oversight. For some employees such praise the boss, “informal conversation” and deceptive belief about his “duty” can be a short-term motivation.

Soon, however, you’re back to the fact that you are not satisfied with the current work environment.

And finally, do not bid on the amount. Immediately decide for yourself what kind of percentage gain will be comfortable for you. Keep in mind that you have every right to ask for a raise, as in this case, can be more effective for the company. Behave confidently and with dignity, you are not asking for alms, and the head – an equal to you interlocutor.

Step Five. put dates

It is very likely the head will not give you feedback immediately, ask to take a break to think things through, to discuss with HR and superiors, and promised to return later with the news.

If the boss will not be of feedback within two weeks, again refer to him with the reminder and find out what the problem is.

If he again asks you to wait and your suspended state will last for a month, then most likely, you should not expect an increase in the company. In this case, you decide: stay or is it to try his luck elsewhere.

case №1

The press service of large retail company left its leader. One of the leading specialists of the Department decided that this situation – a great chance to ask for a raise. First, he talked with the ex-chief: asked to give feedback and objective assessment of its potential to the head.

After this conversation, the chief, who was about to leave, promised that he would recommend the candidacy of a specialist to his boss, and helped organize a meeting with a subordinate director of marketing.

Leading specialist made a presentation – a brief report on its key achievements and roles in the projects, as well as a few ideas that he is ready to develop in the new position. After that, the expert was asked to be tested for competence, which helped to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employee.

employee strengths and weaknesses

As a result, marketing director decided not to take the part of a professional, and make professional acting Head of the press service for a period of six months on the previous salary. If the specialist will prove good, then six months later officially move to the position of the press service of the head.

case №2

HR Director of a major western industrial company worked for the company for four years and received two interesting proposals vacancies in Russian businesses. Also, according to the scenario outlined meeting with the head, where the main argument for higher wages brought concrete alternative proposals from other market players.

In addition, he reminded the General Director on major large-scale projects implemented thanks to him.

CEO took a week-long pause to think and eventually returned with a promise to raise the salary in three months in the case of the complex and not very realistic business project to move part of the team in another region.

The project was eventually shelved through no fault of the personnel director, but this situation was the reason not to raise the salary. The candidate went to another company at a higher salary, and his deputy was promoted to the director’s position.

case №3

Head of marketing in the company rose to the position of an assistant and received significantly below market. On hints to increase the salaries of employees received a vague comment that ‘it and so was given the chance to become a director “instead held to take the professional side.

hints about raising employee salaries

The head of such arguments have not convinced, and he decided to act insistently. A key factor in galvanized steel representation of the achievements of the department over the past few years, the analysis of the effectiveness and results of the company, due to realized projects. As a result, the applicant failed to agree on how to wage growth, and the improvement of the bonus scheme.

case №4

Logistics Manager received the same salary for three years, despite the fact that its functional and responsibilities grew from year to year, and in fact he served as the head of department.

When at the next meeting with the head of the delegation raised the question of PR-manager of some additional marketing problems, the employee did not cope with the emotions and immediately said he was not ready to take on additional responsibilities without motivation. On the question of the Chief, how much wants to be a slave, he could not immediately find their way and asked for a raise in 15% of the current amount. Later he realized that he could ask for more: the head has increased by several times the salary of his colleagues, and he is on the market more expensive. An employee attempted to beat the condition, but he was denied the head.