Resume – one of the main components in the job search process. According to him, the employer makes up the first impression of the applicant, so the question of how to write a resume is one of the most important for any candidate. It will depend not only on whether you are invited to the interview, but also on the job itself, on how responsibly you approach the preparation of a resume.

How to make a resume?

These tips will help you understand the structure of your resume (or CV, curriculum vitae) so that your employer can quickly find the necessary information about you. To create the most detailed resume that will “sell” you to your employer – use our tips and, if you wish,
USAJOBS resume builder.

1. Do not spread the thought

The volume of the perfect resume is controversial. At the same time, experts know exactly how it should not be: three pages are an unlimited size that the employer cannot master. At the same time, some experts believe that one page is a summary for novice workers. A specialist with experience simply cannot physically fit his professional data on one page.

2. Highlight your achievements and unique qualities.

This is one of the most important moments when filling out a resume. Your resume should be a list of your achievements, not a description of your career path. When composing your resume, keep in mind that your task is to show the employer how valuable you are to the company.

3. Speak the same language with your employer

This is also one of the important points in the preparation of a resume. Use in summary so-called. keywords. To do this, carefully read the requirements for the vacancy and highlight for yourself the basic terms used by the employer. “Fill” your resume with the same vocabulary, even if you used other terminology before. So your resume will convincingly demonstrate that your skills and abilities suit the company and you meet their requirements.

4. Show your literacy

Check, check and re-check the resume. It must be written correctly. Turn on the spell check feature and be sure to ask someone to view your resume. Mistakes immediately catch the eye of the employer, and, before reading the summary, he will not have the best opinion of you.

5. Remember the format

Resume form when applying for a job is also of great importance. It is important that your resume is easy to read. Use typical business style fonts. Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman with 12 pt – the most suitable option. Do not overdo it with selections and underscores. If you still want to highlight some elements or names, then make sure that the selection is the same throughout the text.

6. Do not leave open questions.

This is extremely important if you want to make your resume a real “guide” to work. Any ambiguity or lack of agreement on a resume may raise additional questions for the employer and, accordingly, doubt. And this, in turn, can lead to the fact that your resume unfairly go to the ballot box.