Completely filled with items summary improve your chances of getting job over competitors. Count on additional data, though it seems not important, it allows the employer to find out more about you as a specialist, so as to create the following advantages over other applicants:

• focus on the winning sides of your personality;

• specify the information that is not related to the professional activity, but complement your skills;

• keep the information you think is important, but it could not be attributed to any of the key points summary.

It is important not to overdo it and do not give a potential employer anything compromising or hinder your career.

How to fill out

Strict guidelines that must be written as additional information, is not. These data are entered, which can change the general impression of the candidate. The general requirements are as follows:

• Information should be relevant to the desired position;

• preference is given to skills rather than personal qualities;

• the content should not be repeated or deny specified elsewhere information.

If you are not sure that you have something to mention, better leave the column blank.

What should not write

what should not write in a resume

• Hobbies and habits that are not related to your work. There are many examples – the breeding of cats is not important for an economist device, and classes in ballroom dancing – when applying for a programmer.

• Features of character or lifestyle exposes you are not in the best light. On them you can tell during the first interview if a question is asked.

• cliché, hackneyed characteristics. Sociable, responsible, purposeful – all these qualities are written as a blueprint, not cling to an employer does not provide useful information about you.

Such information often does harm than benefit to the applicant. But it can always be adjusted to alter the overall impression.

What to write is possible, but not recommended

• Family status. There is nothing wrong, if you write about your spouse, children. Sometimes this detail becomes a trump card. Example – in hiring women the presence of her husband and the child-teen becomes a certain guarantee that the employee will not go on maternity leave, will not sit on a permanent hospital.

• Thesis. If you do not graduate, is looking for the first place in the specialty, the relevance of your research paper tends to zero.

• Social work. Sure that your volunteer work at an animal shelter or the election of a senior on the house will be evaluated on merit superiors – write about it. No – better not say anything.

• The reason for the dismissal from the previous place. Everything is simple. We believe that the motives that prompted you to change jobs, will expose you in a favorable light – report them. No – do not enter.

• Alternative specialty. We are confident that cope not only with the main office, but also to work in combination – the mention of her.

As you can see above each example should think twice before including it in the summary.

What you need to write

what you need to write in a resume

What really should be reflected in more information?

Personal qualities

Here are just those “sociability” and “efficiency.” To move away from the annoying stamps, replace them with a description of benefits that they can bring to the company:

• instead of the stress – it is easy to resolve conflict situations with the most demanding customers;

• Replace the responsibility to “carry out the Project in the period closely relate to customer requirements”;

• learning – it is “ready to learn in the course of work, regularly go to seminars and lectures.

With regard to the determination, it is better not to mention – all your life and professional goals must be painted in the relevant paragraph of the summary.

Special Skills

These include driving skills, handling a computer, knowledge of foreign languages. But, once again, to write about them to be correct. Specify category driver’s license, your experience. Shall describe what computer software you own, what courses were held. Spoken language on each level it is desirable to confirm appropriate certificates. One might add that you read the professional literature in the original language, or possess the technical transfer of skills.

additional education

It is not necessary to specify all the courses and clubs that you visited, from school age. Mention only those that directly or indirectly relate to the vacant post. Example: Listen to the advanced course “1C: Accounting”, getting the second higher education on a specialty “Economy and management in engineering.”

If you only plan to continue their education, to mention it in the resume is not necessary.

Achievements and awards

Medal for the 100 meters, or a diploma for speed eating carrots is not related to work. But patents, scientific articles in journals, letters of trainings show your best side.

Special Features, wishes

There should be all that failed to cover first: the willingness to go on long or short business trips, staying overtime, work at home. Separately it is necessary to clarify whether you are ready to move. If not, you can specify a region or a remote workstation from home.

some nuances

When filling out the resume guided, first and foremost, to the desired position. Your skills, personal and professional qualities should be directed to the vacant seat. If composing a few resumes, adjust data in accordance with the vacancy.


For a summary of the Regional Development Manager, you can specify:

• the age of 45 years;

• driver’s license category B, C, 22 years old driving experience;

• willingness to travel;

• Knowledge of English language at the B2 level, TOEFL certificate is confirmed.

For the chief accountant:

• Married, has a son, a schoolboy;

• publish an article in the journal “Accounting for understanding”;

• participate in the annual seminars on accounting and auditing;

• ready to work overtime during the reporting period. Thus, this item resume highlights your skills, distinguishes you from the competition.